Food Safety – Are Uniform Global Standards Possible

We did watch the impact of the European Horse Meat Scandal with disapproving awe. We are still shocked and asking ourselves – was Food Safety compromised? did it really happen?

You would have gathered by now, what is good for the goose – ain’t necessarily good for the gander. When it comes to applying a Uniform Global Food Safety Standard, it may not work. Check out horse meat as an example. Some people eat horse meat while others don’t. Some countries have strict food safety and slaughter house guidelines while others don’t.

Can a Global Food Safety Strategy carry along with it an effective Uniform Global Food Safety Standard?

Will the standards be viable and practical? Perhaps, it will just add to the overwhelming safety procedures already in place?

Abattoir standards and the food safety legislation that drives them, mean different things depending where they are enforced.

Some might recall, the issues with the Indonesian Abattoirs. Remember the slaughter of live cattle exported from Australia? Those are their standards, albeit outdated and integrated with seemingly atrocious handling practices.

A global strategy yes, but a uniform set of standards? Well, that’s another thing.

Go take a walk among the less fortunate in the laneways of an underdeveloped country.

You wouldn’t see any food on the ground, ‘cos it would never stay there for long. All food to them is precious, nutritious, and meets their physical needs.

Involuntary starvation is a funny thing, probably makes your immune system stronger so you would not get sick with issues related to food poisoning, that’s just my experience.

I reckon they would accept any food as being first grade and heavenly sent. Food Safety Standards? I don’t think so.

When I send my regular crates of food to families in the ‘old country’, guess what I buy most? The top end fancy packaged stuff? Nope, that’s just marketing.

Check out the opposite end of the spectrum within our megacities. Our bins are filled with food thrown out for a multitude of reasons. From ‘out of date’ to ‘I don’t like it’ and ‘too large a portion for me’ and ‘can’t eat the same food two days in a row’.

I reckon this is something to think about. An individual country’s Food Safety Standards is one thing, but to have the same set of standards applied to another country? That would be somewhat of a dilemma, to say the least.