Benefits of Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables

30 years ago, the idea of organic gardening was considered a radical concept. How on this planet were gardeners expected to manage the weeds, bugs, and the critters which may threaten a thriving garden without the employment of man-made chemicals?

When you consider it, organic gardening is quite a simple theory. For hundreds if not thousand of years, people have been growing food without the employment of chemicals. The early settlers in our country didn’t have Miracle-Gro or any of the other modern chemicals and they survived just fine.

It only makes sense that we can apply the same techniques and get the same results they did in today’s world. We should grow garden foods using Mother Nature’s ingredients and true heirloom seeds in lieu of concoctions born in a chemist’s laboratory and we may all be better off because of it.

But the desire for organic gardening goes beyond just the rewards for us and our families. There has been an increase in the interest involving ecology and concern about the environment that has given new life towards this form of gardening. By using organic minerals and materials, by gaining from natural predators, and through recycling garden waste, a gardener can maintain a natural garden quite successfully.

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